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Defining Sexual Perversion

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Young women want power and permission to be promiscuous.
We have forgotten that sexual intercourse is the reproductive act.

We can measure sexual perversion in terms of the distance a sex act is from nature's goal of procreation.
What is Perversion?
by Henry Makow Ph.D.In a world controlled by

a satanic cult that encourages us to indulge every urge, the meaning of the word «perversion» has been obscured. Perversion is anything that deviates from healthy and natural. The word «perverse» is synonymous with «sick.»Reality (as opposed to social reality) is governed by an immanent design — a moral and natural order –which reflects the Creator’s purpose and wisdom. When we obey this order, we thrive and are happy. The essence of Satanism is to defy God and invert this order: Make the unnatural and sick appear natural and healthy. Essentially, a satanic cult controls and exploits its members by corrupting and perverting them. Western society is a satanic cult.

Next to survival, sex is our most powerful natural instinct. Nature made sex pleasurable to ensure the survival of the species. To turn this powerful instinct into an end in itself, for sensual pleasure, is perversion. In our satanic cult society, sex is a full-time obsession and recreation.
Female sex appeal is mostly a function of fertility. Few women are sexually attractive to males after menopause. Male attraction to fertile women is largely based on reproductive programming.
Sexual perversion is measured by the distance a sex act is from nature’s goal of healthy procreation. (I am not including contraception.) Thus pedophilia, incest and homosexuality (sodomy) are extreme forms of sexual perversion because they have nothing to do with procreation. Sexual promiscuity is a milder form of perversion because impedes the formation of marriage and family. I regard these as I would regard any sickness. Morality enters the equation when other people are hurt.

In a healthy society, sexual intercourse would be confined to marriage or at least  long-term committed relationships founded on love and compatibility. Thus, sexual energy would be channeled to consecrate and strengthen the marriage bond and provide a firm foundation for family. Women want to be desired exclusively, not used and thrown away.

Young women have been duped to think promiscuity is «empowering.» They are in turmoil. Their instincts tell them to get married and propagate but society tells them to pursues careers, get drunk and fornicate with strangers. In fact, marriage is empowering.  Marriage ensures a woman is loved as a human being and not used as a sex object.

«Free sex»  dehumanizes and degrades both men and women by promoting physical intimacy without human intimacy. It is turning millions of young women into sluts and porn stars. Yes, there is a place for sex as a source of pleasure. The place is a long-term monogamous relationship.


Created by the Illuminati, Communism has always stood for the communal sharing of women and destruction of family.  Sexual «liberation» is the principle method of satanic possession. Thus the Illuminati promote anonymous sex and pornography. Ultimately, they want to abolish marriage and family. The state will take over procreation altogether, in the same way as  education.

slutssayyes.jpegThe Illuminati promote homosexuality which is defined by its credo — «sex for its own sake.»  They attack gender which is an essential part of the natural order, and try to make it appear unnatural. They attack the natural modesty of women by promoting genderless toilets. In «Sex Ed,»they teach pre puberty children to regard homosexuality as normal and engage in sodomy. . They promote promiscuity to young women as healthy.

Satanists invert sick and healthy. They make what is sick and dysfunctional appear to be healthy and normal. And we’re not including the culture of greed and violence they foster,  not to mention their endless wars and heinous warcrimes.
The bottom line is that perversion is the dogma of the ruling elite. Humanity is satanically possessed. We have been inducted into a well organized and powerful satanic cult.The Illuminati are determined to enslave humanity, mentally and spiritually, if not physically. Massive gratuitous NSA-FBI-police surveillance confirms this. Illuminati perverts want to ensure that humanity will miss its Divine destiny. Our political and cult-ural leaders are traitors, opportunists and worse.   But thanks to the Internet, humanity is awaking to its true predicament.

Playboy and the (Homo) Sexual Revolution
Self Restraint is 9/10 of Worship
Is Temptation an Outmoded Concept?
Huff Post Promotes Lesbianism (HuffPost is an Illuminati Psyop )First Comment from Dan:  «Thanks to Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Philosophy, growing boys learned to confuse character with penis size as the measure of masculinity.»

I grew up during the 1960’s.  We were the ‘Kinsey Report’ generation.  Remember the ‘Generation Gap’?

The Kinsey Generation’s sex paradigm was diametrically opposite what parents and churches tried to teach us.   The traditional perception of chastity is patience, virtue, self respect, and strength (to overcome animal temptations).  In 1970, we laughed in anyone’s face who said things like that.  We believed the opposite – that virginity was a symptom of immaturity.

How did sexual intercourse replace Christian ‘confirmation’ and graduation and marriage as the sole «rite of passage» into adult maturity?

I firmly believed, as surely as the sun rises in the morning, that sexual intercourse is a physiological need, like food or water.   I believed that going without intercourse for more than three months risked a proportional loss of virility and «maleness».

It turns out that this belief is a symptom of arrested emotional development.  The real masculine identity manifest when a boy learns to stand up for himself – and his family, and the helpless.   Thanks to Kinsey’s scientific fraud, and Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Philosophy, growing boys learned to confuse character with penis size as the measure of masculinity.

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