tir. mai 21st, 2019

Evolution Vs. God

Evolution Vs. God is a documentary trying to challenge the theory of evolution. Evangelical leader Ray Comfort, known as the bananaman, interviews evolution proponents (mostly students) from different universities in the United States and tries to expose the so called “unscientific nature” of evolution which he refers to as a “blind faith”, not science. The film tries to show intelligent design as a competing theory and suggests that the academe continues to bully intelligent design as an option. The film also aims to get some evidence for Macroevolution.

Ray Comfort uses cheap tactics to achieve his goals. He wants to “debunk” evolution, and to portray students and professors as people who can’t articulate the theory of evolution in an understandable fashion. Hi does so by rapidly asking short, trick question full of ambiguities, moral dilemmas, and scientific inaccuracies.

According to Ray (an opinion which he borrowed from the physicist Victor Stenger), the following is the reason why intelligent design isn’t taught in schools: The legal staff of Freedom From Religion Foundation (a church-state watchdog group) has had remarkable success in convincing many institutions such as school boards and town councils that they are breaking constitutional law when they sponsor sectarian activities. That includes intelligent design. When the authorities can’t be convinced, Freedom From Religion Foundation sues, and it wins more often than not.

Stunningly, Ray argues about two vestigial organs, found in humans, in order to “debunk” the theory of evolution. He discusses the tailbone and the appendix. Apparently the tailbone is an extremely important source of attachment for tendons, ligaments, and muscles and the appendix serves an important role in the fetus and in young adults, primarily in the immune functions.

Then, Ray claims that many of the famous atheists are not actually atheists. Supposedly they’ve been wrongly attributed and he supports his claim by out-of-context quoting. After some more illogical and irrelevant questions posed to students he concludes that Darwinian evolution rests on faith, and that the knowledge of God, however, is clearly seen by all mankind.

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