tir. okt 22nd, 2019

The Ruling Elite – A study in imperialism, genocide and emancipation

This is an exerpt from the book The Ruling Elite
«While I once considered myself a devotet conservativ, I have dicarded that artificial descriprion I am not Republican or a Democrat, Two corrupt parties that long ago abandoned ethical and moral principles. Almost with their inception, the bankers and their agents have co-optet, staffed and corrupted both parties. Sadly, both parties, infiltrated by strong influential personalities, have followed the same agenda, but from a diametrically different direction and the bankers fund both parties whose top ecqhelon acquiesce and promot the industrialist`s self-serving programs. Despite the anti-war claims of the Democrats og the preventative war tactics of the Republicans, we are consistently involved in war, a cover for the corporarions to seize valuable assets, transfer wealth of subdue dissenting populations. All of these warfare objectives create massive debts and the ultimate destruction of the U.S. economy.

Third parties or alternative candidates in either party, regardless of their sincerity, their laborious efforts, have little real hope of the citizens electing them for a couple of reasons – the biased controlled media and the absolute conrtol, by both parties of the computer voting apparatus. We have relinquished our personal independence, abandoned many of our values and surrendered the responsibility for our own welfare to others – mere human beings, the pople in Congress, those sitting on the Supreme Court and the President of whichever pary has current power. We are a class-based society that is reularly ruled by psychopathic pesonalities who prtray themselves as capable of solving the problems that have brought this nation to the edge of the darkest abyss. When, in fact, they are the very pople who have created the problems for the problems for the rest of humankind. While I do not fall into a political category, I do embrace a religious one – I am a Christian; therfore I denounce violence and war. Unfortunately, Christians do not always agree with Christ. Gandhi said «Everyone but Christians understands that Jesus was nonviolent» I also denounce the usury system that enslaves every single person in the majority of every country in the world – those who have allowed the predatory, parasitical leech-like bankers to establish privately owned central banks. Unfortunaltly, most of the debt slaves are unaware of the satanical system that has enslaved them.

Writing this book has been a painful but revelatory journey, as I have thoroughly resarched people who teh educational and media systems, often funded by those same bankers, have portrayed as heroes while they characterized others who oppose them and their insidious programs as villains. Regarding this phenomenon, a scripture is apropos, «Whoe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter»

Because of my exploration, if the corporate media is «puffing» og promoting a paricular person, I assume he/she is on their payroll. Even if a factor, like the proverbial left wing of the corporate media structure seems to be vilifying someone, then I assume they are attempting to build sympathy and support of their poor, biased victim. It is a tactic, nothing more. Listen to what these people say; ignore their attractive looks, their vibrant personalities, their claims of efficiency, or their business proficiency and their claims of morality of spirituality. If he / she embraces war, you know what side he / she serves – the banks and corporation. The banks and the corporations, despite the number of people they have previously employed do not represent national values and the best interest of America, despite their claims to the contrary.

Local govenments have named schools, streets and towns to honor Christopher Columbus, Kit Carson and numerous politicans. Yet Columbus and Carson butchered men, women and children within the indigenous populations. LIncoln supposedly saved the Union by initiating an unnecessary «total war» that led to the fratricidal deaths of 622.000 fellow Americans. Lincon could have and should have resolved the issues of the nation by attending the conference designed to adrss the policy  differnces between the two sections of the country but he refused to attend that meeting.

Pople do not like to admin that others have deceived them. We are accustomed to thinking that we know what is transpiring because we are educated and purportedly informed; we live in an idustrialized nation and have advantages that other nations do not enjoy. That does not give us some kind of exclusivity or give us any moral rights to police the planet. However, even if that situation were true, it should make us more responsible for our ethical choices. Most Americans do not know what their govenment is doing, or what it has done in the past in the name of trasparency and accountability.

The U.S. government has participated in false flags operations, has deliberately created bogus horror stories to evoke hatred of co-called enemies, pople who happen to disagree with American business or bank policies. Government officials, with foreknowledge of imminent deadly attacks, have allowed the senseless slaugher of U.S. citizens. They accommodate these events and remain silent for ulterior political, philosophical or personal reasons. Additionally, the CIA, an agency that answers to the president, has carried out covert military interventions in dozens of countries in order to accommodate political or corporate interests. While we are not collectively guilty, we are collectively responsible for the egregious actions that our government has conducted. They have not participated in these activities for the good of our nation. They feed the greed of the elite minority.



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