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The Secret (of freemasonry) that Albert Pikes talked about….due to content you need to ask for password here: are.meisund@247newsworld.com


The freemason Albert Pike talks about a Secret that only a selected few were to gain insight into.

In the book Morals & Dogma which Albert Pike compiled, and was first published in 1872, he says the following: «Masonry like all albert pikethe religions, all the mysteries, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to misleads those who deserve only to be misled»

This is the real nature of Freemasonry, you tie yourself to invocations and symbolism, where you are kept ignorant of the Masonics ‘actual goal – until you have been enlightened enough to be initiated into the secret.

This secret are not difficult to understand if you understand the nature of freemasonry or the doctrine of Lucifer as Albert Pike proclaim in the book Morals & Dogma.

It`s all about the square and compass with a G in the middle which is their main logo. Then you will often find the «chess» floor with black and white squares along with two pillars. If you then have an altar with a Bible upon, you will have enough to understand their belief system.

According to Albert Pike, no one should know the secret except those who are enlighten by Lucifer….

The Secret is all about man becoming god and serving Lucifer, this, they believe, will be accomplished by changing the human DNA.

How come you may ask? According to the secret it will be through fusion (and guess with whom) man would achieve immortality.

1. The square and compass with the G – as above so below and a womb where the fusion is going to take place….between fallen angels and mankind

2. The two pillars refers to the two pillars mention int the Bible, Boaz and Jachin.

3. The Sun and the Moon – light and dark, you find it also in jing and jang

4. The chess board floor – opposite in fusion…

5. Winding Stairs – DNA string

All this is about the Secret which is the evolving of mankind into immortality and serving Lucifer.

Symbolism is important for these people as it is their universal language, which does not restrict the linguistic limitations – because their enlightened master (Lucifer) was prevented construction of the Tower of Babel by language confusion from God.

They think they got it, but they could not be further from the truth.

So I have one advice to you who are a mason, go out from it, because you are on dangerous ground and deceived by secrecy and manipulation.

As an example, you are supposed not to be told this hidden Secret before you reach at least 33¤ (of the Scottish Rite). there are other societies with other grades, but all fremason symbolism has the same goal, that is, serve lucifer – read Albert Pike’s «morals and dogma»

So this is the secret – they would change every ones DNA so that Lucifer will have his throne, not only in a physical temple in Israel, but the real temple – YOU, by changing your DNA code……

The Bible call it for the mark of the Beast…….  Revelation 13:11–18

For more indept information and understanding of Freemasonry and hiddden secrets in our world, you can click here – Some of this content you`ll find in the the books below

  1. Albert_G._Mackey_-_The_Symbolism_of_Freemasonry
  2. Francis Bacon – The New Atlantis (first printet in 1627)
  3. History of the abduction of William Morgan, and the anti-masonic excitement of 1826-30
  4. Illustrations of Masonry – by Capt. William Morgan
  5. Letters on the Masonic Institution by John Quincy Adams
  6. Manly P Hall – The Secret Teachings of All Ages
  7. Manly P. Hall – Rosicrucian And Masonic Origins
  9. Osiris & the Egyptian Resurrection by E.A. Wallis Budge
  10. The Character and Claims of Freemasonry by Charles Finney
  11. The City of the Seven Hills (a poem)
  12. The Republic, Plato
  14. The Secret Societies of all Ages and Countries, Vol II, Charles William Heckethorn
  15. Thomas Paine – On the Origin of Free-Masonry

Then you can watch this video by Mike Hoggard:

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