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ICLEI is the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

By Freedom Advocates

is the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, or Local Governments for Sustainablility.

  • ICLEI is a UN accredited Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that implements the Action Plan of Agenda 21.  In fact, on their own website (under the «Programs» section), they state, «Our campaigns, programs, and projects promote Local Agenda 21 as a participatory, long-term, strategic planning process that addresses local sustainablility while protecting global common goods.»
  • Cities pay dues in order to obtain direction from ICLEI in establishing local policy and law. This is a violation of the Constitution, Article 1, Section 10:  «No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance or Confederation…»
  • ICLEI is funded by the David Rockefeller Fund, United States EPA, etc.
  • ICLEI targets mayors- in the ‘Cool Mayor‘ program, and other local officals to implement Agenda 21.
  • ICLEI provides toolkits for action on local, state and national levels.  Their objectives are dressed up in soft language, so as not to alert people to the true intention.

ICLEI was founded in 1990 as the ‘International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives’. The Council was established when more than 200 local governments from 43 countries convened at our inaugural conference, the World Congress of Local Governments for a Sustainable Future, at the United Nations in New York.

As you can see from their own cartoon propaganda, they want radical change for individual behavior and business.

  • ICLEI, when implemented, creates new local laws and city planning requirements that restrict economic development and personal freedom.  Some examples include: Crowding and highrise, high density housing scams
  • Water usage restrictions wherein violations could result in fines, and there are programs for people to rat on their neighbors Picture from their own website
  • Monitoring business and individuals’ energy usage.  Many new buildings have thermostats that are controlled remotely, offsite. Europe: Mainsite:


ICLEI and Sustainable Development are implemented within local communities, therefore, an informed public can pressure elected officials to get rid of it! It only takes one educated person to get the ball rolling. The most effective form of marketing by word-of-mouth, so tell your neighbors and local business owners. You can form alliances with-like minded freedom oriented people and businesses to pressure your city council and mayor. If they don’t respond, you can vote them out!


For more information and downloadable documents for local government officials, visit

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