Since this article was published (January 5), the US media in liaison with US intelligence has launched another wave of smears directed against President elect Donald Trump.

The most recent propaganda ploy has gone into high gear. The objective is to destabilize the Trump presidency. We are dealing with a carefully planned operation, a “conspiracy” in the true sense of the word.

A  fake “Intelligence Dossier” portrays Trump as an instrument of Moscow, “cultivating and supporting him for at least five years”. The dossier intimates that Russian intelligence “has compromised Trump” to the extent that he can be “blackmailed” on account of his “sexually perverted acts”.

This mysterious intelligence dossier released by BuzzFeed has gone viral. While the document is acknowledged by US intelligence as being fake, the media (CNN in particular) is now intimating that  Trump is not only involved in an act of treason (by calling for the normalization of  US-Russia relations), he is also controlled by the Kremlin, which is blackmailing him into submission.

This pseudo Intelligence Dossier surfaced in the days following the Director of National Intelligence announcement James Clapper that Russia’s alleged hacking constitutes an “Existential Threat” against America.

While no proof of Russian interference in the US elections has been forthcoming, US tanks and troops have nonetheless been dispatched to Russia’s border under Obama’s “Operation Atlantic Resolve” and NATO’s European Reassurance Initiative (ERI). They are to be fully deployed prior to Trump’s inauguration on January 20th. And the media remains silent. The dangers of an all out war with Russia and its devastating consequences are not front page news.

Are these deployments of US tanks and troops part of Obama’s “act of retribution” against Russia in response to Moscow’s alleged hacking of the US elections?

Is this a “fast-track” procedure on the part of the outgoing president, with the support of US intelligence to create chaos prior to the inception of the Trump administration on January 20th?

While the alleged hacking is casually tagged as an “An Act of War” against the American Homeland, “Operation Atlantic Resolve” (involving a massive deployment of troops and military hardware on Russia’s border) is categorized as an “Act of Self Defense”.

We are dealing with a diabolical foreign policy agenda: The alleged Russian hacking is being used as a pretext and a justification to wage a preemptive war on Russia.

When war becomes peace, the world is turned upside down.

In this article, we describe a coordinated and carefully planned operation to destabilize the Trump presidency involving several stages, both before and after his inauguration. What is at stake is Trump’s US Foreign Policy  stance.  The recent smear campaign largely confirms a strategy intent upon delegitimizing the president-elect.

Read carefully through this article: What is at stake is an unprecedented constitutional crisis, an attempt to unseat an elected-president before his inauguration or shortly thereafter. There is a power struggle unfolding between two powerful corporate factions.

M. Ch. January 11, 2017