The 2014 American Music Awards Were Littered With Illuminati Symbolism

The 2014 American Music Awards Were Littered With Illuminati Symbolism

Article by vigilantcitizen

The 2014 American Music Awards featured stars such as Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez. While these artists are supposed to appeal to different musical genres, they were all singing the same song : “We are pawns of the elite”. Case in point : Their performances were littered with Illuminati symbolism.


Watching award shows is a dizzying, mind-numbing experience for most people but they become a truly revolting experience for those who understand their underlying symbolism. In my article about the 2014 VMAs, I explained how it was about “oversexualization pushed by music industry puppets“. Although produced by another television network, the 2014 American Music Awards were a perfect continuation of this trend. The same few artists got the exposure they crave by taking the stage and performing (those who are being pushed under the spotlight), we saw the same “celebs” in the crowd overreacting to mediocre songs (seeing Taylor Swift or the Jenner sisters dancing to a new single is a great way to get people to download it from iTunes) and the same message is ultimately pushed : To make it in the industry, you have to push the elite’s message.

Let’s look at the debasing and dehumanizing messages that were served to the public during the 2014 AMAs.

Taylor Swift Kills a Bunch of Men

The AMAs began with the idol of suburban America : Taylor Swift. Young girls love her because she is so “cool and down to earth”. Is ritualistically killing a bunch of men in horrific ways “cool and down to earth”? Well that is what her performance was about … And I am not sure that many “swifties” (yes, that’s how Taylor Swift fans call themselves) understood that message. Swift is not the humble, guitar strumming singer anymore – she’s all about Illuminati pop now.

While performing her single Blank Space, Swift plays the role of a man-eating rich woman.

The performance begins with Swift sitting in a classy dining room with some poor sap. Notice the dualistic pattern in the background used in MKULTRA.

The room - and the paintings inside of it - stretch down, revealing the horrible fate of the men in the painting.

Swift then gives a red apple to the poor sap who immediately eats it like an idiot and dies. TAKE THAT MEN!

The entire set is made of a dualistic black and white pattern juxtaposed with objects that are red the color of  blood sacrifice. Taking place in a posh mansion, the performance refers to the blood sacrifices the occult elite loves to indulge in.

Swift holds a rose on that's on fire - this red rose represents sacrifice.

The backup dancers are actually dead men who got killed by Swift. One of them got ran over by a car, another one has bullet holes on his chest and another one appears to have been strangled. Uplifting. Notice the red drapes in the back that represents their blood sacrifice.

This performance is yet another example of the elite wanting to make death and murder cool and sexy.

Someone is knocking at Taylor's red door (which was scratched by someone who attempted to escape but died horribly). Who could that be?

... another poor sap.

The good and wholesome Taylor Swift played the role of a rich elite Madam who sacrifices men inside a big mansion. Swifities enjoyed all of that!

Charli XCX

Charli XCX is clearly a new favorite of the music industry. Her performance at the AMAs was a perfect occasion to “introduce” her to the American public. The result? Another ritualistic performance color coded to symbolize an initiation into the music industry.

Charli began the performance dressed in a virginal gown in a setting akin of a school prom.

She takes off the gown to reveal a black latex suit.

The performance follows the classic narrative of “good girl gone bad” – where the artist begins wearing white, looking somewhat pure to then morph into a black-clad sex bomb. Britney Spears, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift  and many other female pop stars went through this narrative at one point or another in their career.

Charli ended her performance with her crotch in the face of a rabbit-faced guy. Welcome the music biz Charli!

Iggy Azalea – P*ssy Power

As if to emphasize the fact that only a select few get the spotlight, Charli XCX went back on stage with Iggy Azalea … who was later featured with Jennifer Lopez.

Iggy’s began her performance hosting a mock press conference surrounded by a very symbolic logo.


Underneath the electroshocked kitten head is the word “power”, which is almost ironic as none of these slaves have any power over their lives.

The second song performed by Iggy was Beg for It and its lyrics are in perfect line with her Beta Kitten persona. The first words of the song pretty much refer to her being a prostitute.

Pulled up looking picture perfect, baby
High price, but I’m worth it, baby

The first words of the second verse explain that the cat logo means “P*ssy Power”. While one might interpret that as a mentally challenged brand of feminism, it is actually about being a Beta Kitten.

Pussy power, pay me by the hour

The cover of the single Beg For It features Azalea and a feline behind her - her Beta Kitten alter persona.

Yes, I was begging for it … Begging for that song to stop.

All Eyes of Fergie

Then Fergie came on stage to perform her single  L.A. Love which is about loving Los Angeles. No need to incorporate a bunch of Illuminati symbols in that, right? Wrong. Her music video and her AMA performance were drenched in Illuminati imagery.



Fergie's music video and her AMA performance both revolve around a single object : A weird bus with a weirder "entrance". Why so much emphasis on this? Because it is a replica of the entrance of a Masonic temple.

Fergie indeed performs in front an entrance made of two pillars – on which are drawn All-Seeing Eyes – topped by a triangle. This is a classic design used in Masonic imagery and architecture.

Here are two Masonic paintings that feature Masonic entrances. Both of these images are topped by an All-Seeing Eye.

The entrances of two actual Masonic lodges.

At the very end of her performance, Fergie removed some of her clothes (she really didn’t need to) and stood between the two pillars. Was she getting ready for her initiation?

J-Lo Trying to Stay Relevant

Jennifer Lopez is looking to be a music industry star again. What does she need to do? Step 1 : Make a song called “Booty” and feature Iggy Azalea. Step 2 : Push Kitten Programming.

J-Lo on all fours while feline prints are projected on her. Yup, that's another nod to Kitten Programming.

But wait, isn’t that scene a little familiar?

This is a screenshot of Beyonce's video Partition. She's doing stripper stuff while animal prints are projected on her.

Did J-Lo’s team lack imagination? No. Because J-Lo’s team is actually Beyonce’s team who is Iggy Azaleas’s team. They are all pawns of the same group who uses them to push their specific codes.

To reinforce the Beta Kitten vibe of the performance, Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez perform around a stripper pole while a dualistic pattern is project on them.

In Conclusion

Whether it be the MTV Video Music Awards, the Grammys or American Music Awards, I’ve been analyzing award shows for years  (while attempting to conceal my aversion for them) because they are a mirror of the music industry. These shows are indeed a clear reflection of the elite’s rituals, symbols and agenda. If one would read all of my articles on award shows, a clear and obvious pattern emerges – one that cannot be ignored or written out as being “coincidence”.

Award shows do not exist to reward the most deserving artist, they are a carefully planned media event that celebrates those behind the music industry … And these people are simply sick. The 2014 AMAs were an unholy mix of oversexualization and dehumanization, peppered with veiled rituals and occult symbolism. And all of this garbage was intercut with quick shots of the Kardashians dancing with a blank stare on their faces. In short, if you did not watch these awards, you did the right thing.





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