Bankers commit suicide…..

Bankers commit suicide…..

If you have been watching the news this past year on bankers committing suicide or dying, this is another one to add to the list.  Since the banking world ultimately controls our world via it’s printing of nearly every countries currency and setting it’s value as well as funding both sides of every war, one can see that if the system is designed to crash to bring in the ultimate one world financial system, then there might be some high up who are not going to cooperate, and thus must be removed.

Through my study of world systems going back as far as Babylon, it became clear to me that the ultimate goal of total world wide control necessitated the building up of one empire to consolidate power little by little over the past six millennia.   The Roman empire never died.  It’ just moved shop so to speak.  Each new empire has a job to do, and when it is done, the controllers begin to create a destabilized society as they build up the next one to take it’s place.  The key families always remain in charge and there are 13 of them.  When the Federal Reserve was created, each family put in their share to fund it.  The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE BANK!  It’s about as federal as federal express!

banker-deaths2014They send their people into government positions worldwide.  We always have a Goldman Sachs or Chase Manhattan sort of cartel head becoming Treasury secretary and then moving back to head the Federal Reserve.  It’s one reason I do not trust Herman Cain who headed a Fed. Res. branch.  By controlling a countries currency and the nation creating an income tax to pay back the interest on the debt, the people are never able to get out of debt.

Let me spell it out for you.

Bank creates $100.00 of currency for nation to spend at 10% interest.  Since the bank is the only one creating money, where is that interest money going to come from?  There is only $100.00 in circulation.  The nation must borrow to pay the interest on that debt.  So now, they ask for more money to be printed. They get another $100.00 and give $10.00 back to the bank to pay the first 10% interest.  but now they owe interest on $290.00.  They owe still 10% interest or now $29.00.  Eventually, the nation is in so much debt by compounding interest that it is in default if the bank refuses to print money to cover the debt!  Other nations buy our treasury notes giving us the feeling of having money, but where did they get their money from?  They got it through trade and their Federal Reserve owned by the same 13 families that print their money and collect income taxes to pay on their compounding debt!

The craziest aspect though of all this is that in our constitution it is the government that has the right to PRINT money, and not the Federal Reserve!  They can do it at 0% interest.  So, why do we have a private bank printing our money?  When you get a loan, they just create it out of thin air in their data system.  You need $100,000.00 to start a business.  They believe you can be successful so they say yes, and put $100,000.00 into your bank account which you have to repay at 3% interest.  They just typed in that information, created money, and now as you work, you pay it back, and it’s compounded by everyone else doing the same thing!  This is why America and the rest of the world are in trouble.  We are trillions upon trillions of dollars in debt and it is going to crash by design!  It will create panic and chaos!  This is why our motto on our money is Ordo Ab Chao which means “Order from Chaos”.  It’s all planned!

It’s about to happen on a worldwide scale and Lucifer is behind it all as he was at the beginning.  We are about to enter into a revived Babylonian One World Religion and power structure.  Some people in banking who have had great power but kept in the dark as to the ultimate plan are not cooperating and therefore are being suicided and dying in accidents. Here is the latest one:

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